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Electric Forklifts - 3Ton and 5Ton Models 

Electric forklifts are innovative and eco-friendly material handling solutions designed to efficiently lift, transport, and stack heavy loads within diverse industrial settings. Powered by rechargeable electric batteries, these forklifts offer a clean and sustainable alternative to traditional fuel-powered counterparts.

Key features of electric forklifts include their quiet operation, reduced emissions, and lower overall maintenance costs. The absence of combustion engines eliminates the need for fuel storage and minimizes environmental impact, making them an excellent choice for companies committed to sustainability.

Equipped with advanced electric motors, these forklifts deliver precise control and smooth acceleration, enhancing operator safety and productivity. The absence of exhaust fumes contributes to a healthier working environment, particularly in enclosed spaces.

  • Key Features:

  1. Lithium-ion Batteries

  2. 3 Stage Full-Free Mast with Side Shift

  3. LED Lighting

  4. 4.5-6m Lifting Height

  5. Curtis U.S Controller and Motor

  6. Fast Battery Charger

  7. Fork Length: 1700mm

  8. Solid Tyres

  9. Reverse Buzzer

  10. Working Light

  11. Rearview Mirrors

  12. Tool Box

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